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What is 7’s Lacrosse?

SEVENS is a scaled down version of 10v10. Played on a smaller field surface, it gives a quicker pace to the game and more touches. Team rosters have a maximum of 15 players. General rules are as follows:

Game Rules and Regulations:  

  • 2 Attack, 2 Middies, 2 Defense, Goalie                 
  • There is a face off at the start of each half. Defense, Attack, and Goalie must stay behind Goal Line Extended until possession is earned.Wing midfielders stands to the left of FO guy with foot on sideline.
  • FO mid must get off the field if violation.
  • 5 goals down means free clear
  • If a team scores with a flag down, they get the ball back at the midline man up.
  • Sudden Death OT decides game that ends in a tie.
  • 60X40 Yd Field
  • Goaline is 10 yds from end line, No restraining box
  • 2 - 14 min halves, (2 min halftime, 5 mins to set up/warm up for next games)
  • Penalties: 30 sec or 1 min
  • Maximum of 2 long poles (5th Grade and older)
  • 1 TO per half (30secs), none in last 2 mins of the half or game.
  • All subs on the fly, no horns.